Terms of Service
Updated October 6, 2020
Welcome to Lorwolf! Please take a moment to read our Terms of Service ("Terms") listed out below. The following is the "Agreement" between you ("User") and Bashful Games LLC ("us," "our," "Company," or "we") and are the relevant rules when you visit and play on Lorwolf.com. It is very important that you both understand and follow these rules while interacting with our games, forums, chatrooms, messages, customer support, and related business services ("Services"). If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not use our Services.

These Terms will be updated periodically. It is the User’s responsibility to review these Terms whenever they use our Services.
Our Services are strictly for those that meet the minimum legal age to provide their own consent to data processing, collection, and use. By accepting these Terms, you agree that you are at least 13 years old (or 13 - 16 years old, depending on your country of residence and their respective laws) and that if you are between 13 and 18 years old, your legal guardian has reviewed and agreed to these Terms and has allowed you to access and use our Services. If an account is discovered to be owned by an individual under the age of 13, or an individual not able to meet the eligibility requirements for using our Services, we reserve the right to terminate said account without notice.
Code of Conduct
By using our Services, you hereby agree to be responsible for your own conduct. Examples of conduct that violate these Terms, but are not limited to, are outlined below. Violating this Code of Conduct will result in account termination or suspension. By using our Services, you agree to not:
  • Violate the rights of others. This includes the defamation, abuse, harassment, stalking, use of threats, or otherwise harmful content directed towards another User. Sharing any content that can be viewed as discriminatory against race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. is not allowed.
  • Use hateful/foul/inappropriate language. Lorwolf is a 13+ site, and therefore excessive use of inappropriate language (“swear words”) is strictly prohibited. In addition, use of terms that can be considered hateful, derogatory, racist, bigoted, or discriminatory will be removed and may result in account termination/suspension. Users must communicate in English. This encompasses all of our Services, including usernames, character names, character info sections, custom gender pronouns, forum posts, messages, etc.
  • Engage in discussion of or share inappropriate content. Any content that is considered to be inappropriate, obscene, defamatory, pornographic, vulgar, fraudulent, misleading, violent, “NSFW” or overly politicized will not be allowed. Discussion of polarizing/inappropriate topics does not belong on a virtual pet site.
  • Engage in illegal activity. Users agree to not upload, post, share, or otherwise discuss illegal activity. This includes but is not limited to; illegal substances, destructive conduct, and unlawful activities.
  • Disrupt gameplay or transmit viruses. Engaging in any activity that disrupts the flow of gameplay or causes damages while using our Services is not allowed. Transmission of viruses, trojan horses, destructive bots, harmful links, or reverse engineering our Services is prohibited.
  • Abuse moderation, moderation staff, or reporting features. Users will not attempt to control how another User engages with our Services. Any issue with another User must be reported to us via a support ticket. Abuse of the reporting feature that serves to harass another will not be allowed. Discussing how moderators choose to moderate content is not allowed.
  • Promote Spam. Spamming the forums, messaging system, or any other Service is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: excessive use of copy/pasted content, constant disruption of a conversation, incoherent language or gibberish, sharing the same post repeatedly over a short duration of time.
  • Share identifying information. Users are not allowed to share any identifying information of themselves or others. Content that identifies another individual or their property, or “doxxing,” is strictly prohibited.
  • Exploit our Services. Users are not allowed to share, promote, or engage in any behavior that utilizes loopholes or glitches within our Services. Any activity that compromises the original intention of our Services must be reported immediately. Data mining or sharing “leaked” information about our Services is not allowed.
  • Solicit or advertise illegal transactions. Sale of any of our Services for irl currency is not allowed. Advertising illegal activities or content is not allowed. Soliciting Users for donations, charities, or crowd-funding campaigns is not allowed. Cross-site trading is permitted if the other party (The Site's Admin) explicitly allows this. Absence of explicit permission does not equal permission.
  • Scam other Users. This includes engaging in any behavior that intentionally takes advantage of another User, such as; sharing of false information, posting “click bait,” promoting malicious content, or otherwise negatively influencing other User’s engagement with our Services.
Failure to follow the above rules will result in account suspension or termination, at our sole discretion. Use of our Services is a privilege, not a right.
Use of Content
All game software, design, images, text, virtual items, and artwork ("Materials") are the property of Bashful Games LLC and are protected, without limitation, pursuant to U.S. and foreign copyright and trademark laws. Bashful Games LLC grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable, and revocable limited license, subject to the limitations in these Terms, to access and use the Services and Materials for your own non-commercial entertainment purposes. You agree to not use our Services for any other purpose. You also agree not to disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or otherwise modify the Material. By using our Services, you signify your agreement to these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not use any of our Services.
User Accounts
Users of our Services are allowed one account only. Sharing of this account by others is not allowed. Users may not create additional “side” accounts for any reason. Attempting to circumvent an account suspension/termination by creating a new account is not allowed. User accounts may not be sold, traded, or gifted to another User. Misuse of an account may result in an account suspension or termination.
Fan Art/Fiction
You may sell your digital Services-related fan art/fiction or commissions for both legal or virtual currency. Note that we will retain the copyright to our Materials. You may display your fan art on your personal website provided that you include a link back to Lorwolf.com. Artwork derived from our Materials may not be added to third party stores. For example: cafepress, zazzle, etc. Artwork and Fan Fiction sales of original works by Users may be sold by the artist and have no limitations on its works.

Users may not share any fan art or works of fiction that violate the Code of Conduct as outlined above on any of our Services. This includes any pornographic, violent (such as body horror), or otherwise “NSFW” content.
Virtual Currency and Trades
Services allow players to purchase Virtual Currency. All currency and in-game sales are final and non-refundable. Digital purchases made on Services are for the sole use of items, they do not indicate personal ownership. Players who attempt to issue a Paypal chargeback on virtual currency or in-game purchases will have their account suspended.

Trading through our Service’s Trading system will not be regulated. Users understand that any transaction that takes place through the Trading system is final. Users that choose to use the Trading system do so at their own risk. Staff will not intervene on any transaction that takes place within the Trading system, unless a trade was proven to be part of an illegal activity that violated our Terms.

Users are not allowed to sell or trade Lorwolf items or virtual currency for IRL currency (real world currency). Users are not allowed to trade their Lorwolf items or virtual currency with other virtual pet games unless that game explicitly allows this (cross-site trading). Users understand that cross-site trading or engaging in any transaction that is not explicitly part of our Services is not supported. Users that engage in these trades agree to do so at their own risk. Staff will not intervene on any transaction that took place outside of our Services.
In no event will we be liable for any damages arising out of the ability to access or not access our Services. Periodic downtime for maintenance, bug fixing, general outages are expected.
The privileges granted to you under these Terms will terminate immediately without notice from us, if, in our sole discretion, you fail to comply with these Terms or game rules on Lorwolf.com. We also reserve the right to suspend your account at any time, should you fail to comply with these Terms, at our sole discretion.

We reserve the right to change, modify, and delete any of our Services, content, or features at our sole discretion. We have the right to offer, modify, eliminate, and/or terminate virtual currency, goods, or content. Discussion of incidents that result in account termination/suspension are not allowed on any of our Services. Users may appeal an account termination/suspension by contacting support@lorwolf.com.