Frequently Asked Questions
When will Lorwolf be released?
There is no set launch date as of yet. We hosted a successful Alpha test during October 7 - November 4, 2020. The Beta test date has not been announced yet.
What is an alpha/beta test? What do the alpha/beta keys do?
Lorwolf will complete two phases of testing before its official launch, the first being the Alpha test (which ran October 7 - November 4, 2020) and the second being the Beta test (not announced yet). Alpha and Beta testers will be sent a 'key' (a special code) that they must enter when registering for the game. Without one of these keys, you will not be able to enter the alpha/beta testing phases. To become a Beta tester, you will have to purchase a key through our Kickstarter or through one of our various giveaways. Some testers may have extra keys and are willing to trade them. You can find key trade offers on our Discord key-trades channel.
What features will it have?
Our game will feature rewarding level progression, exciting battles, a comprehensive breeding system, single and multiplayer activities, and a world full of locations and rich histories to explore. Though we aim to remain true to the natural aspects of wolf behavior and pack structure, we also want to incorporate elements of fantasy that will make Loria an exciting place to explore.
Will it just have wolves? Or other species?
Lorwolf will feature three starting breeds: Lupin (resembling wolves), Jocol (resembling coyotes), and Kit (resembling foxes). Once the game is ready, we will keep releasing new breeds. Some types we have planned for the future are Maned wolves, Direwolves, Wyverns, African Wild dogs, Bush dogs, modern dogs, Dholes, Tibetan foxes, and Fennec foxes! All breeds will be considered 'wolves.'
Will there be a wardrobe/skin/accent system?
Yes! We have plans to implement a user-submitted skin system.
Will your pets eventually run away or die?
No. We want Lorwolf to be fun and casual so we will not be adding a death/runaway mechanic. Pets deserve to live forever. If you grow tired of some of your pets, you can always auction them off or release them for a certain amount of money.
Will there be RPG elements? Or purely breeding and collecting?
We are big on storytelling and lore, so we will definitely be making this a role-playing game. Players will start off on their own adventure through their pack's storyline and eventually play through all the other pack storylines. Once they've finished the storyline, endgame content will become unlocked.
Can you have multiple breeds in your pack?
Yes! Your pack will consist of any and all species you wish to include. Your packmates are also able to breed with the different species in your pack, i.e. Jocols with Lupins, Kits with Jocols, etc.