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[DID] Drops and Item Distribution

I only procrastinated for a month... on the last two bullet points. XD Currently, campaign grinding is the most profitable aspect of the game - which is fair, even following any tinkering it should still remain profitable - but keep in mind that valuable items can not be as common as they are now. Why? Imagine if 10k users play only a few battles each day - that is just too many pebbles generated each day, which will destroy the economy. While I understand that the drops are more WIP than not, they are quite far from being perfect, so-

The problems:

  1. Companion rarities. Rarer companions dropping greater value rewards seems pointless to me. It is unbalanced. Some cases are fine - such as boss drops.
  2. Item exclusivity. Some items, such as cooked food, should not drop from enemies - or very rarely at most.
  3. The most common crafting materials. I am not against the idea of stings, bones, and more being so involved in crafting - however, they should be dirt common.

The solution:

  • Area, not companion specific loot.
  • Minimal drop tables for each companion.

Wait, what?

Area-specific loot

  • The best way to even out the odds for each pack is by simply removing non-companions specific trinkets and such and the most common crafting materials from the drop tables altogether and binding them to the areas instead.
  • Meaning: battles fought at, say, the second campaign area for all four packs would have the same base chances of dropping a trinket of similar value.
  • Higher-level areas would provide better loot/better chances.
  • Unique loots for every few locations - such as pinecones and black clay -> Motivation to move around the map, but not too disrupting to force people to grind all the time.
  • But that opens up another problem - why bother tackling a challenging battle if you could spend time on an easier one at the same location?
  • The battle difficulty would also play a part in the drop chances.
  • Once again, common crafting materials should fall like snow during a snowstorm.
  • Extra: as I mentioned before, some extremely rare goodies, such as furmus backpacks, could be introduced. Opening these at the crafting table could provide a good amount of trinkets or even moonstone shards!

So how exactly would this work?

  • Let's stick to the second area in Icerun.
  • Let's say that this area has a 2% base chance of dropping a rare item (these are all simple random numbers, for the sake of this suggestion).
  • Let's say that each enemy level will increase those chances by 1%.
  • 3 lvl 4 Lapistrix - 3*4=12 -> 14% with the base chance.

Minimalized drop tables

  • Rarer companions having greater battle rewards is not a good way to go about it. While it is true that you can unlock every campaign location, it is simply not fair to give an early advantage to any pack because their companions are rarer.
  • Only a very limited number of items should be bound to the companions - specifically what makes sense to them - such as Bovius Tusks. No more, no less; the rest should be bound to the area.
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4 months ago

Yes, definitely for the common crafting items being…. common. Bones seem common enough, I have a lot, but string? String drops nowhere in Goldsea from what I heard. How is that fair? After launch, we're not getting access to all the areas as far as I know, just the one for the pack you're in. Right now, this puts Goldsea players at a good disadvantage.

Also loving the idea of “furmous packs" and having only specific items linked to the actual mobs. Bovius Tusks for the Bovius mobs, possibly the succulents for the Echecara, and so on. Seems fitting!

As for food dropping from mobs, maybe make that possible from the mobs in the first location in each pack as a rare drop, to help with beginning the game and then having nothing past that drop the cooked food. But then again, there's Moonwater (and the hare), so that might not be balanced anyways. -shrugs- Just something to think about.

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4 months ago

You will be able to access each pack's campaign once you finish the first chapter of yours - but string not dropping is still a disadvantage to Goldsea, nevertheless.

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